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NOAH Drums

The NOAH logo

For us, Noah has a very important meaning: it is an English name and its origin is Hebrew. It would have arisen from the word noach, which means “rest”.

Noah is a very singular variation in the English language, considered the equivalent in Portuguese to Noé and means rest, new start and more importantly: long life.

The new brand is born with a new slogan, an incentive to the music, an incentive to new drummers. DO SOMETHING, MAKE MUSIC, PLAY DRUMS!

 NOAH logo

The Concept

We make drums bulit on passion and dreams, we believe that ever drummer has a dream or goal and from their very first lessons we want them to feel great. For this reason, we take drums production seriously. From the beginners to professional drummers, that’s NOAH DRUMS.

Our target is to offer products 100% exclusive. As difficult as it may be it does not stop us. We love being different and we make different products, different drums, different sounds. This is who we are. We want drummers to feel different, because when we are different we feel free.

"We have a passion for innovation. We like to make products that people stop to see and get surprised. This is the heart of our business: always surprise!"

We understand that beginners drummers need constant motivation to learn more and more each day and they can do it with our drums because we believe in their talent.

We want to gain their trust, friendship and gift. This is our commitment to drummers. We respect tradition, but our eyes are on the future. We can see every drummer on stage, with their kits sounding loud and their “drums coming true”. We do all things a bit different, but we love to produce drums and drummers are never the same.

Our Ideology

Drummers continually tell us about their inspirations to play with our drums. Our artists around the world always suggest how to improve our products and this is our biggest challenge, to do better every day. Our team of designers have total autonomy within the company. This is our ultimate goal and the driving force that pushes us forward to create new sounds and new beats.

Quality control

Our Greatest Virtue

We are changing the concept of drums produced in China. The factory gave us full autonomy to introduce new raw material controls, production, finishing and all final quality control. We are not worried if we will have the best price in the global market, but we are sure we have a reputable product for an honest value. We take care of every single detail!

Know How

Our know how comes from decades of experience in the musical industry and many years of investment in the drums segment. Producing drums is not an adventure for Nell, this is a lifetime of dedication, part of our essence and one of our most important responsibility.


"I always designed drums for drummers who dream high, I dreamed of having a team of artists prioritized by the character before the technique, having a company with a purpose before profit, with a mission. SCT Music Group is doing all this and every day these goals motivate me to continue on this exciting journey."

Silvio Cezar Tonelli